Youth Sports Sponsorship and Local Business

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As administrators know, youth sports sponsorships are a key part of a yearly budget. They allow organizations to offer scholarships, complete projects, keep member costs down, and lots more.

Traditionally, local car dealers (and other businesses) see sponsorships as a way to give back to the local community. On the positive side, if even one new vehicle purchase comes as a result of the sponsorship, car dealers will generally come out ahead.

Electric Cars and Youth Sports?

In North Carolina, recent legistlation is restricting Tesla Motors, a new electric car maker, from selling cars directly to residents – the traditional third-party dealer model reigns supreme. Local dealers see Tesla as a threat to business and have lobbied state government accordingly.

A recent article on called attention to the issue and proposed an interesting alternative. Rather than lobbying government like the dealers, author Bob Cook believes that an investment in youth sports is much more cost effective and capable of generating tons more goodwill.

How Do Youth Sports Organizations Ready Themselves?

As a youth sports organization, this is good news! A major media outlet is raising our profile (in general)!

To be ready when an organization comes calling, make sure your sponsorship information (as well as a contact) is easy to find on your website. Remember, your website is your organization’s front door, so make sure it looks professional, too. Compare other organizations in your area – how does your own site (and online experience as a whole) stack up?

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Kris Baker

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