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What Should You Look For in a Sports Management System?

At a minimum, you’re probably looking for a way to register players and process payments in a sports management system. But you should consider much more than that! Your technology should support every part of your sports organization from marketing, to registration, to organization, to communications.

Make sure to look for these aspects when researching a technology partner:

A true partner

It takes time to set up a new sports management system, which can be made easier with great customer service. Working alongside our partners throughout the onboarding process, and being available for any questions afterwards is important to us at Demosphere. 

For example, our partner Virginia Soccer Association describes how our superior customer service was one of the driving forces behind their decision to choose our solutions.

Ease of use

A great sports management system will provide all the tools you need in one place. This minimizes the barriers between interested parents and registration, while simplifying administrative work on the back end. 

You should be able to manage users and permissions, check calendars and schedules, assign coaches and officials to games, create leagues and tournaments, and analyze your data and reporting with one integrated system.

demosphere sports management software team calendar on app and referee scheduling


With all the moving parts and people needed for a successful sports league, communication is paramount. A great sports management system is fully integrated with a team communication app, granting access to rosters, schedules, and chat.

Our mobile app allows for parents, players, and team staff to have access to each others’ contact info, schedules, and chat features, with automated event reminders and game reschedule notifications.

Customization options

Your organization is unique – in fact, no one sports league, club, or association is quite like the other. You have specific goals in mind on how to organize your programs, and your technology should support that. Look for a flexible system to customize. One supported by an experienced team ready to help you build your programs, teams, and schedules.

Website design and hosting

So you’ve got your registration ready to go, but now you have to market your programs! The first step is having a website that not only looks great, but houses all the information needed to get registrations, event sign-ups, and recruit new staff. 

For example, we worked with our partners East Penn Soccer Club and Virginia Legacy Soccer to design websites that both match their visions for their organizations and promote their incredible programs.

east penn soccer club website powered by demosphere


Data ownership

Your data is yours, and should stay yours. As a technology partner to many sports organizations, trust is important to us

Demosphere practices an ethical approach to how data security and privacy impact the greater community, given how common it is for data to be sold and shared between companies for revenue. In our system, users set the granular, permission-based access to the data, and can share the information they choose, while protecting the rest.


We love making things easier for sports organizations, especially when it comes to streamlining your registration, scheduling, payment, and communications. Find out what a true all-in-one sports management software can do for your organization.

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.