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Utilizing the WebWriter® Archives Effectively

Content ArchivesThe nature of communicating the latest information to your constituents through your WebWriter® Website System will undoubtedly lead to increasing content … and eventual clutter. The vast majority of your content, however, remains pertinent to the goings-on of your organization of which you most likely do not wish to delete. WebWriter provides the solution by retiring your old articles to the Content Archives.

The Content Archives are not inherently available to the public but may be accessed by just providing a link – either embedded within your banner design, or simply creating an Outside Link by copying and pasting the Archive’s page address into the target URL input. The Content Archives are sorted the same as your Site Map (sequenced Departments and Sub Departments), but are also organized by the Month and Year the articles were created.

To access the Content Archives, especially if they have not been opened to the public yet, full Admin users are provided a link to “Launch Content Archives” on the Admin Home page under the CONTENT MANAGEMENT tab of the WebWriter product window. To archive content, click an article’s “Settings” and select “Archive” under the Article Placement section, and then click the Save button.

Please contact with any questions or comments.

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.