Welcome To WebWriter®

Demosphere is in the middle of transitioning current website users to our updated WebWriter® platform!

Updates to the content management system include a long list of new features, many of which help administrators customize their websites like never before.

Watch the full recording of the session below to see some key enhancements firsthand:

Download the PDF Slides Here

The session covered the following items:

  • Create New Content – Adding and editing content is easier than ever before on the new platform. Select from a list of content types – including Articles, Raw Code, Images, Links, Calendars, Content Rotators, and more – and customize your site in just a few quick clicks.
  • Rearrange Published Content – Once content has been published to your website, rearrange the items to new positions on your page with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Manage Your Site Map – Create a custom Site Map for your website’s structure with unlimited pages and unlimited department depth. Re-sequence the order of pages with the same drag-and-drop functionality found with the content items.
  • Search Engine Optimization – URL names for your website are determined based on Site Map Page Names. For example, The item Club History on the site map will appear as www.yourdomainname.com/club-history. Page Titles are determined by the title of the top article on the page and your organization’s name. Better search results depend more on relevant, on-going content added by your organization.
  • Next Steps For Converting – To convert your organization’s website to the enhanced WebWriter® Content Management System, reach out to your Demosphere Account Representative, or email sales@demosphere.com!