Tryout To Travel

Competitive/Travel programs that require players to tryout before earning a spot on the roster expect to face fierce competitors on the field.

What about off the field? Setting up a competitive program shouldn’t be a challenge!

This Maximize Demosphere webinar focuses on the processes and best practices behind creating a Tryout to Travel program.

Download the PDF slides here

The session covered the following items:

  • Choose Your Ideal Tryout Setup – Within the RosterPro® Registration System, Administrators are able to setup their invite-only groups using four different methods. Create an invitee list using a custom code given to only the invited participants or customize settings at the Seasonal, Grouping, or Team level.
  • Ensure Teams Match Correct Birth Year – It’s easy to track registrants by birth-year and place them into the correct age group to meet U.S. Soccer’s birth-year requirements. Set a birthdate range in the Season Structure for each Seasonal Grouping. Adding this will auto-place players into their appropriate groups.
  • Attach Multiple Fees To A Grouping – Each Grouping can have certain fees attached. In the Season Structure tab, edit the Season/Grouping’s eligibility settings to include any fee that has been created in the system.
  • Email Invitees – Once you’ve created a list of participants that you would like to invite to your Season/Grouping/Team, send them an email directly from the Season Structure. Choosing to email the invitees this way will open an auto-populated message in the composition window.
  • Public Registration Process – After sending an invite to a player, they will receive an email with the option to accept/decline the invitation. If they choose to accept they will be redirected to the Public Registration sign-in to continue.