The Successful Website Checklist

Wondering if your site is in need of some adjustment? If you’re aiming to improve your online presence this is the webinar for you!

This Maximize Demosphere session discussed some key website do’s and don’ts to make sure your organization is best representing itself online.  We shared the results from Demosphere’s website evaluations, including the most common website mistakes found and how to fix them.

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The Successful Website Checklist!

This Maximize Demosphere session covered the following key topics:

  • Website Evaluation Results – Based on Demosphere’s research, we shared the most common website mistakes!
  • Website Content – Make sure your website includes the critical pages – About Us, Contact, etc. – that introduce your organization.
  • Intuitive Navigation – Navigation bar titles should describe exactly what visitors can expect to find on each page.
  • Monetization Components – Link sponsor images back to their corresponding websites.
  • Social Media Integration – Including social media sharing buttons on your website can help promote your organization AND gain a larger social following!

If you have any questions about specific items discussed during this session, please contact our Support Team at support @

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