Talk To Your Team

Communicating with the appropriate groups and teams is a critical part of running a successful season.

Lately our RosterPro® Registration System and TeamNet™ platform have been introducing new ways you can send messages. Have you tried them?

The following Maximize Demosphere session demonstrates just how simple it is to:

  • Contact The Right Target Audience
  • Grant Communication Access To Administrators
  • Archive Emails to Reference/Resend
  • Email Specific Teams or Groups
  • Communication Through TeamNet

Download the PDF Slides here

The session covered the following items:

  • Set Your Email Address – Within the Registration Settings section of your RosterPro Registration System, Administrators can set the Registration Outgoing Email Address. The email address in this section will appear as who the emails are “From” when they are sent. (Emails sent out through the Communication Center as broadcast emails need to have the “From” address reset by your Onboarding Specialist.)
  • Draft Your Message – When drafting a broadcast email message, choose between a previously saved Distribution Group or set new recipient Basic Filters. If you have created new filters from scratch that you would like to reuse, the filters can be saved as a new Distribution Group while in the email composition screen.
  • Grant Communication Access To Admins – Starting in the User Administration dashboard, grant access to your Communication Center. To create a Role dedicated solely to Communication Center access, first create a new User Role and then check the options that pertain to communication. Add administrators to this Role using their email addresses. In addition to creating a new role, add Communication Center access to any existing Role already within the system.
  • Archive Emails To Reference/Resend – When looking at your Email Broadcast History, click into a specific sent email to view the list of recipients that the message was sent out to. To create a new message to the same list of recipients click on the red duplicate icon. An email draft with the same filters pre-set and the duplicate message will pop-up on your screen for you to edit/re-write.
  • Email Specific Teams/Groups – Rather than granting full permission to the Communication Center for Limited Access AGCs to send emails to one specific group, these users can now send an email directly in the Season Structure.
  • Communicate Through TeamNet –  Coaches can now communicate with their specific teams through the TeamNet platform. View an archive of all previously sent emails, send emails (filtered to recipients based on Name or Role), or edit saved drafts.