Summertime Checklist

Get your organization prepared for the upcoming Fall Season with a little help from Maximize Demosphere!

The Summertime Checklist session discusses the last minute items every organization should review to get ready for the fall season.

Watch the full recording below or

Download the PDF Slides Here

The session covered the following items:

  • Volunteer Roles – Within the RosterPro® Registration System, three volunteer roles are automatically created and available for selection: Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager. In addition to these three roles, the Site Administrator is able to create as many custom roles as needed.
  • Sharing Key Information – Be sure to share two important links with your organization in preparation for your upcoming registration. Share your Registration link (/_registration) and Login link (/_login) in advance to avoid confusion.
  • Important Dates To Share – In addition to the beginning date of the season, make sure all registrants are aware of the registration open and close dates. Also identify any early discounts or late fees that may apply during certain timeframes.
  • Distributing Information – Utilize your website to help distribute your important information, especially to potential registrants that haven’t registered with your organization before and can’t be reached through email. Reach out to current members through reminder broadcast emails.