Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks continue to become increasingly popular in today’s culture, making them a critical factor in your organization’s success.

Which social media networks are right for your youth sports organization – and what types of content are best for each?

Watch this Maximize Demosphere session to find out!

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The session covered the following items:

  • Choosing Your Platforms – Not every social media channel is universally beneficial for all organizations. Administrators need to choose which platforms to focus their efforts on by identifying their target audience, defining goals, and locating where their audience is active. Each social media platform focuses on a specific audience category and promotes information differently. Choosing where to place emphasis can make an organization’s promotional efforts more efficient.
  • Creating Original Content – Once you’ve chosen which platform(s) to focus on, the next step involves creating original content. Don’t start with a content idea – start with a platform. Create content for a specific platform that makes the most sense for your audience and cross promote that piece to your other platforms by linking to the original. Using the “platform first” approach helps administrators create more focused content.
  • Generating Content Ideas – Focus on what your organization knows best and represent your brand in each piece of content. Four resources are provided within the webinar to help administrators find the most shared content topics across all social networks relating to a keyword.
  • Scheduling & Organizing Posts – This session links to three free tools that are designed to help administrators schedule social updates over various platforms. These sites include a range of tools that are helpful to post, monitor and analyze an item’s performance on your main social networks.