Registering For Reviews

Reviews are important – especially to those who aren’t familiar with your organization!

That’s why Demosphere has dedicated an entire Maximize Demosphere webinar to building an online reputation through review sites and increasing positive reviews.

Watch the full recording below or Download the PDF Slides Here

Registering For Reviews!

This Maximize Demosphere session covered the following key topics:

  • Importance of Reviews – Consumers’ trust in online reviews has continued to steadily increase over the years, making it more important than ever to monitor what’s being said about your organization online. An overwhelming 88 percent of consumers put as much faith in online reviews as they do into personal recommendations. For more statistics about online reviews check out the Demosphere Blog.
  • Local Listings – In order to receive reviews, it’s crucial that your organization has verified your name, address, and phone number on your website, Google My Business, and Bing Places listings. Once your basic information has been added reviews act as the key differentiator in search engine results.
  • Social Media – Sites like Facebook are jumping on the review bandwagon and including a section for visitors to leave star ratings and comments. With the comment section left optional, it’s more important than ever to monitor star ratings with no explanation as they can still affect public perception of your brand.
  • Review Websites – Yelp listings often rank at the top of SERPs – often above your organization’s actual website. Make sure you’re organization is set up with a personalized Yelp page by following the steps included in this Maximize Demosphere.
  • Negative Reviews – Negative reviews happen to the best of us. It’s important to know the appropriate steps to follow when dealing with negative reviews about your organization. Be sure to respond to each comment according to your organization’s standard policies.

If you have any questions about specific items discussed during this session, please contact our Support Team at support @