Navigate Your Way To Usability

If there was a way to keep your website visitors more engaged in your content, would you do it?

What if that same solution could increase your registrations?

This month’s Maximize Demosphere lets you in on the secret to encouraging your audience to read more and how to lead them to register.

Download the PDF Slides Here

The session covered the following items:

  • Keep Text Short – Today’s busy readers don’t want to spend time reading through large blocks of text. Keep your information short and concise to help them skim to find what they want. Take advantage of bullets, lists, and headings to help break things down.
  • Eliminate The Errors – Reading through text with grammatical and spelling errors can make things more difficult to comprehend. Make sure your content has been proof-read before it’s posted.
  • Simple Formatting – Select a font color that contrasts well with your website’s background color. Mismatched color combinations can be difficult to read.
  • Clear Call-To-Actions – Provide your audience with a direction. Every page should have a next step indicating to the reader what you would like them to complete.
  • Help Readers Navigate – Place navigation menus in common locations on your site. Label each page with words and phrases that clearly describe what will be found in each section.
  • Build Your Site Map – Create your ideal site map before creating any individual pages. This can give you a visual representation of how your website will flow for users.
  • Clearly List Your Registration Dates – Use your calendar to post registration dates and make sure those dates are displayed clearly on the website’s Home Page.
  • Use Buttons to Direct Readers – Since some call-to-actions will be more important than others, grab the user’s attention with a visual marker. Buttons can point your audience directly to the registration page.