Free Form vs Templates

Have you experienced the simple, yet gratifying process of building your own registration form customized to a specific program or season?

This month’s Maximize Demosphere will teach you how to create custom forms and templates for repeated use in less than 30 minutes!

Download the PDF Slides Here

The session covered the following items:

  • Form Builder Introduction – Site Administrators have two options when setting up the participant registration form: add a basic form item or add from a template. When adding a basic form item, the administrator is adding one question at a time. When adding a template, multiple pre-saved questions are added all at once. Templates are constructed in the Form Builder dashboard and can be edited at any time.
  • Connecting Key Fees To Answers – Every season has variables that require additional payments. Instead of manually sorting through information after registration has been submitted, the RosterPro Registration System allows you to tie important fees to specific questions directly on the form. For example, if a registrant checks that they would like to purchase a new uniform, a Uniform Fee can be automatically applied to their total cost of registration.
  • Linking Promotional Codes – Just as an additional fee can be tied to a specific question on the form, discounts can also be put into effect. Set up a Promotional Code question and allow registrants to input a code provided by you. Once the code has been entered, the system will automatically discount their total cost.
  • Analyzing Form Responses – Information provided by your registrants can be easily tracked, sorted and analyzed in multiple locations within the registration system. Look through form responses within the Registration Management section and the Report Builder section to collect all of the information you need. Print and export.