Communication Is Key

Communicating with your organization is a key factor in managing an efficient and enjoyable registration season.

This Maximize Demosphere session is dedicated to teaching administrators how to take advantage of the wide array of email, SMS text messaging, and automated messaging options found within the RosterPro® Registration System.

Watch the full recording below or

Download the PDF Slides Here

The session covered the following items:

  • Drafting Emails – Emails within the RosterPro® Registration System are drafted with normal text editing capabilities, using the same functionality you would expect in a Word® Document. Previously sent emails can be duplicated (“cloned”) within the system, adjusted, and sent again.
  • Seasonal Invitees Email – While creating seasons and/or seasonal groupings that are “invite-only”, administrators can create a list of individuals who were selected to participate in an exclusive program. Those seasonal invitees can be emailed directly from the invitee list – filters will automatically appear.
  • Email Filters – Administrators can filter email recipients directly within the creation window. Add as many filters as needed. View the Maximize Demosphere recording for multiple examples of how administrators can take advantage of the available filters.
  • SMS Text Messages – Create SMS Text Messages the same way you would create an email, by typing directly within the text box. Filtering options are still available. Registrants must “opt-in” to receive text messages either during the registration process or while editing their Household information.
  • Broadcast Archives – The System stores an archive of all sent email broadcasts and SMS messages. Sort the archive by any column or search for a specific email. Apply filters to the grid to search for messages sent by a specific author.
  • System Generated Messages – System-generated messages are sent to registrants automatically throughout different steps in the registration process.