Collecting Payments

Money is a driving force behind every youth sports organization – allowing clubs to grow, expand and improve.

That’s why Demosphere is dedicating an entire Maximize Demosphere to money, and how to collect it!

Watch the full recording of the session below to refresh your memory on some of the most utilized financial features in your RosterPro® Registration System:

Download PDF Slides Here

The session covered the following items:

  • Record Cash/Check Payments – In our first example, players are handing you payments in the form of cash or checks outside of the electronic registration system. In order to track who’s paid, how much is still owed, the exact date it was given to you, you’ll want to record that payment in the RosterPro Registration System.
  • Manage Installments – Installments can lessen the financial burden felt by registrants, especially when dealing with a more expensive program or travel league, by spreading payments out over time. This session walked through the process of creating installments, setting default versus custom dates, and collecting installments automatically.
  • Make Payments – If a registrant initially chose to pay by Cash/Check, and later changes their mind and would like to pay by Credit Card, they are able to do so by logging into their Household and using the green Pay With CC button on a specific order.
  • Update Method of Payment – If a registrant already has a credit card on file (to pay automatic installments) but needs to update their information to a new card, they can edit their payment information in the Order History tab.
  • Make Past Due Payments – A message prompting users to pay past due payments will automatically appear upon logging into the system. To make the payment you can follow the same steps as making a payment via credit card.