After Registration Ends

As registration starts winding down, have you positioned yourself to be in the best shape possible before the season begins?

Manage your registration with ease by merging duplicates, deleting incomplete carts, and making sure each registrant is exactly where they were intended to be with this Maximize Demosphere session.

Watch the full recording below or

Download the PDF Slides Here

The session covered the following items:

  • Merging Duplicate Households – This Maximize Demosphere session takes administrators through the process of merging duplicate households into a single record. Before merging households, make a change to the duplicate household name (i.e. adding a “DEL” after the name) to identify which household to keep and which to delete. Once two household records are merged this action can not be undone.
  • Deleting Registration Records – Administrators can delete registration records for any particular household by searching for the desired Order, refunding that order to create a $0 balance, and adjusting the registration status to Deleted. Deleted registrations will not show up in the registration management window, but will continue to appear in the Order History for historical purposes.
  • Addressing Incomplete Registrations – Incomplete registrations, or registrations that have been started and never made it to the end of the process, can be removed from the system in the Registration Order History tab.
  • Moving Registrations Across Seasons – Within the Registration Order History tab, administrators can edit the registration information by selecting the blue edit button. After selecting a destination program/season to move the registrant to, a system generated “map” will appear that matches the ID of the questions on the registration form that the registrant has filled out with the IDs on the registration form for the program that they are being moved into. The administrator can manually choose to orphan or delete any questions that are not automatically matched to the new form.
  • Issuing Refunds – Refunds can be issued to any Order by clicking on the red Refund button in the upper righthand corner of the Registration Order History tab.