Content Formatting

It only takes 0.2 seconds for visitors to form an opinion about a website. Based on your content formatting, what do website visitors think about your site?

Small website updates can lead to big dividends. In this Maximize Demosphere webinar, we discuss key formatting best practices in areas like website navigation, social media, and more.

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The session covered the following items:

  • Intuitive Navigation – Website visitors expect to find a navigation menu in one of two places: either horizontally across the top of the page or vertically down the side. Placing navigation bars in the standard locations, limiting the number of options to seven of less, and keeping the labels to one line can all contribute to a website’s usability.
  • Content Best Practices – When creating content for your website keep in mind what information will appear above the fold. Make sure the most important content on each page is listed towards the top so it can be seen before the reader has to scroll down.
  • Awesome Calls-To-Action – Once readers finish looking through a particular page, what do you want them to do next? Typically a sports organization will want them to proceed to registration. Provide information about how to register, who to contact with questions, or other helpful steps at the bottom of each page to point them in the right direction.
  • Formatting Best Practices – Certain universal rules should be kept in mind when formatting your website’s text. Reserve blue text color for links; Limiting the font colors can help promote a professional image; Keeping text formatted consistently across the site can help boost enrollment.
  • Social Media – The main rule for implementing social media on your organization’s website is to make sure the icons are linked correctly. Icons should link to your club’s page, and not the Home page of the social media platform. When adding social media, consider how many platforms you want to promote and the consequence of visitors leaving your site.
  • Website Evaluations – Throughout the month of December, all new WebWriter® Content Management System users are eligible to receive a free website content review by Demosphere. Reach out to us at to get more information!