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New Volunteer-Only Registration Plus Related Features

A new feature has been added to Demosphere’s RosterPro™ Registration System allowing Household Administrators to register a volunteer without also having to register a participant.

To coincide with this new feature, Site Administrators now have the added capability to manage a custom message volunteers will see when completing their form questions. The message can be set as an overall default or overridden and customized to be unique for any single Season.

Another new feature has been added for the system to recognize when any Household Participant registrations already exist, and allow the Household Administrator to decide whether or not to associate the new Volunteer with the Participant in that Season. This provides a more streamlined process to team building if parents decide to volunteer days after initially registering their child.

Youth Sports Registration - Make A Donation

By expanding the Public Registration process to no longer be focused only on Participant Registrations, Household Administrators may also sign on to utilize the secure process to simply make a Donation to their organizations. A state-of-the-art modular framework is now in place to continue to expand our secure order capabilities with upcoming future releases.

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