SCYSL Faces A New Opponent While Defending Their Fields

santa-claraThe Santa Clara Youth Soccer League (SCYSL) has had a difficult year defending their soccer fields due to their valuable location next-door to the 49ers Levi’s Stadium.

The Soccer Park, used by over 1,000 youth soccer players for both practice and games, was in the midst of a debate earlier this year when the San Francisco 49ers placed an offer to the Santa Clara City Council to purchase the soccer fields to convert to additional VIP parking for Levi’s Stadium.

The youth soccer league showed up in full force to protest the sale and voice their concerns – ultimately causing the 49ers to revoke their offer.

SCYSL was put back on the defense once again as they learned that their City Council was set to discuss the use of their soccer fields with the NFL to be used during Super Bowl 50.

After housing the half-time show, being used as a media center and a security hub – what will happen to the condition of the fields once used for soccer practice?

In an article written by Santa Clara Youth Soccer League’s President, Toni Silva, their main concerns are as follows:

  • The SCYSL would like the discussion process to be kept open and transparent between the NFL and the City Council.
  • The SCYSL would like to be involved in the selection process when looking at temporary fields.
  • The NFL needs to be held accountable for all responsibility of the soccer park facility and the restoration process after the Super Bowl has commenced.

With no current contingency plans in place for where the young athletes will practice or compete during the time the NFL is borrowing the stadium, soccer fans will all be keeping a close eye on Santa Clara as the Super Bowl draws near.

If you’d like to show your support for the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League, a petition is available now on their website to save the fields.


Kris Baker

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