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Log per team of sportsmanship rankings

Track Sportsmanship Effectively During Games

Many youth sports leagues nationwide are placing a renewed emphasis on sportsmanship amongst players, coaches, and spectators. To assist with those efforts, Demosphere’s Sportsmanship Rankings allows a match referee to submit a score for each game for the coach, players, and spectators from each team as part of the League Scheduling System.

Sportsmanship Tracking
Referees submit rankings following the game.
Log per team of sportsmanship rankings
A log of a specific team’s ranking per game.

Each group is evaluated on a scale from -2 to 2, with -2 being ‘unacceptable’ and +2 being excellent. These scores are then visible on the standings page for each division.

Teams can also see scores sorted by game for the entire season.

In addition to calculating the rankings, some leagues are even using them as a tiebreaker … so good behavior can really pay off in more ways than one!

Want to add this great feature to your next season? Contact Demosphere’s Support Team today at support @!

Sportsmanship Rankings in Standings
Rankings for each team in a division!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.