What Are Parents Getting Out Of Youth Sports?

ParentIt comes as no surprise that participating in youth sports offers a variety of lifelong benefits to children – but often overlooked are the benefits derived by the parents of young athletes.

The enjoyment of cheering on their children from the stands isn’t the only thing youth sports parents are gaining from their participation:

A Little “Me Time”

Although sports are often equated with a large time commitment, enrolling a child in youth sports can actually provide parents with a scheduled amount of free time throughout the week. Especially with the ever-growing popularity of carpools, practices can serve as a time to run errands or take some much-needed time alone.

Social Networking

Sports are a great way to make new friends, and not just for the athletes! Sports meetings, practices and games all offer parents an opportunity to meet others who share the mutual interest of engaging their children. Parents are able to socialize with an entirely new, kid-focused peer group and are able to bond over their long-term love of sport.

Peaceful Downtime

A child’s hyperactivity at home can cause a stressful home environment for the family. Participation in sports offers young athletes an outlet for their energy through the physical demands of training and games. In turn, parents benefit from the extra energy exertion when their tired athlete is ready to sleep soundly at bedtime.

Building A Stronger Parent-Child Bond

Not only are sports parents opening up to a new friend group, the relationship between the parent and child also benefits. Youth sports can create additional opportunities for general communication and advice, which results in a higher quality relationship between parent and child. Parents can also opt to encourage their child by volunteering, cheering them on from the stands, or even engaging in sports conversations over dinner.

A Happy Young Athlete

Parents will have the benefit of watching as their young athlete develops social skills, improves concentration, sleeps more soundly, boosts their self-esteem, and so much more. Sports participation can offer an array of positive affects on young participants, facilitating a more enjoyable season for all.

Youth sports offer so much more than the element of fun to all parties involved. Let us know what other interesting benefits you think are worth sharing in the comments section below!

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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.