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Deposit Detail By Fee

Seasonal Groupings Dominate Latest RosterPro® Update

The latest release of RosterPro® features is here! Check out the newest enhancements to three different components within the RosterPro® Registration System.

Program Setup

  • Seasonal Groupings: Administrators are now able to set customized open and close dates for Seasonal Groupings within the RosterPro® Registration System.

Seasonal Dates

Household Management

  • Financial Aid: Site administrators can now register participants and select the Financial Aid option for specific individuals – without having to turn the Financial Aid option on for all season registrants.

Financial Aid

  • Fees: In support of the fee reporting, site administrators can make payments, provide refunds and adjustments, as well as set up installments for the individual fees that make up an order.fees
  • Registration Status: Registration Status can be adjusted when recording payments or refunds.
  • Volunteers: Site administrators can view Volunteer Registration information per household in a tabular format.

Volunteer Data

Financial Reports

  • Deposit Detail By Fee: Within the Deposit Detail by Fee report, administrators can now display the Program, Season, Seasonal Grouping, Fee Name, and Deposited Fee Amount.Deposit Detail By Fee
  • Participant Count By Seasonal Grouping: The Participant Count report now displays the number of Active Participants, Active Male/Female, Pending Payments, Pending Financial Aid, Waitlist Limits, plus the amount Paid, Due, and Refunded by Seasonal Grouping.

Participant Count


Need help taking advantage of these new features? Contact Demosphere’s Support Team for more information.

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.