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Transfer Registrations Across Seasons With The Latest Update

With the latest update to the RosterPro® Registration System comes new features that Administrators just won’t want to miss!

Three important elements have been added to the settings of the RosterPro® System to make your next registration season more intuitive and efficient than ever.

Limit registrants to one registration per season, transfer registrants from one season to a separate existing destination season, and shorten Item IDs to make analyzing reports even simpler.

1. Prevent Participants From Registering For The Same Season More Than Once

Site Administrators are now able to prevent registrants from enrolling in the same season more than once to ensure each registrant is only assigned to one team per season.

Although certain programs, like camps, may enjoy the ability to have people sign up multiple times during the season for different activities, that isn’t always the case.

With the latest update to the RosterPro® Registration System, Administrators gain more flexibility than ever before as they have the option to prevent multiple registrations.

Found within the Season Setup window, Administrators can now choose to “Allow” (default) or “Prevent” multiple registrations from the same participant.

Multiple Registrations

If set to “Allow,” a player can be registered for the same season indefinitely. If set to “Prevent,” that season will no longer appear as available to any registrant listed as Active, Pending Financial Aid, Waitlist, or Pending Payment for that season. If the status of the registrant is Inactive or Deleted, they will be able to select that season.

2. Limit “Item ID” Fields To Only 40 Characters

The “Item ID” field acts as the unique identifier for each registration question.

For example, when adding the question “Does your child have any allergies?” to your registration form, the Item ID area can either be automatically populated identical to the Text (the question) or the Administrator can set the Item ID to a custom description (“Allergy”).

Regardless of which option is pursued when creating the ID, Administrators are now restricted to 40 characters or less to increase functionality within the system.

Allergy Item ID

The Item IDs appear as the column headers in the Registration Management window. Unrestricted, long Item IDs create disproportionate columns that complicate analyzing data. If the Item ID had been left as the full question (“Does your child have any allergies that the Club needs to be aware of?”) the corresponding column header would take up a large portion of the report for a simple Yes/No response.

Item ID

Item IDs appear again when Administrators are choosing a Filter within the system. Similar to the column header, unrestricted and lengthy Item IDs negatively affect the the sizing of the filter dropdown options.

The new 40 character restriction will ensure a season of aesthetically pleasing and manageable data that Administrators are sure to enjoy.

3. Moving Registrations Across Programs/Seasons

Administrators are now able to move registrations across programs/seasons seamlessly within the RosterPro Registration System without having to refund and re-register players.

Once a registration has been created in one particular season, the Administrator can log into the System and transfer that registrant to a different existing season.

Within the Registration Order History, Administrators now have the ability to edit the Registration Info for Registrants and/or Volunteers.

Order Screen

When editing the information, the Administrator can choose a new Destination Program and Season.

If Teams have already been created within Registration Management, Admins can also select from available Groupings and Teams when transferring a registrant.

Destination Season

The System auto-generates a “map” that matches the existing Item IDs from the original completed registration form to the new season’s questions. If the Item ID from the original season matches the Item ID for the destination season, the fields will link and appear in grey.

For example, when asked for “Shirt Size?” on the original season’s registration form, the registrant responded “Small.” The System will automatically locate the identical/similar question on the new season’s form with the same Item ID (“Shirt Size?”) and match the response (“Small”).

However, if a question was asked on the completed form and was not addressed on the new season’s form, the question will be highlighted and the Administrator must decide between “Orphan” or “Delete”.

A question should be set to Orphan when the current season’s answer is relevant to the destination season. Selecting Orphan will create a new column under the destination season’s Registration Management. Any field that cannot be mapped will default to Orphan.

If the question is set to Delete, that current data will not be transferred to the destination season.

Volunteer Confirmation

If a registrant and volunteer are placed on the same order and the Administrator moves one to a new season, a pop-up reminder will appear prompting the Administrator to also move the associated record.

Do you have any questions about the latest RosterPro® Registration System features? Send us a note at!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.