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Collect Uploaded Documents During Your Registration Process

Does your organization require physical documents from registrants before they’re able to participate?

Now you can collect as many files/documents as your organization requires during the registration process – including signed waivers, photos, birth certificates, insurance cards, and more – with the new custom File Upload feature in RosterPro!

Create Your Attributes

Imagine that your upcoming season requires each registrant to provide a wet signature (electronic signatures not accepted) on a waiver in order to be assigned to a team. Rather than collecting a physical copy of each player’s waiver, collect and track the documents directly in the RosterPro.

Begin by creating custom File Upload attributes in the Data Reporting & Management dashboard.

Under the Custom Data Management tab, a new Input Type option, titled File Upload, is now available!


When a registrant comes across the Signed Waiver section during the public registration process, clicking the Choose File area will open their local file browser.

Once a document has been uploaded the file will appear as linked text next to the Attribute Title (Signed Waiver). Clicking that text will open the file in a new tab/window.

View Files Collected

To see all of the waivers your club has collected, return to the Data Reporting & Management dashboard.

A new tab, titled Custom Data File Management, displays an outline of all Data Categories and their respective File Uploads by Attribute Title.

Clicking the Signed Waiver attribute creates a table with the file link, the size of the file, and the user who uploaded the document.


Filter Broadcast Emails

Have you noticed that you’re still short five signed waivers?

Now you can send broadcast emails to specific groups of individuals based on whether they have uploaded files during registration.

All Filter Upload Attributes are considered Custom Data. Therefore, when setting Additional Filters in a broadcast email, select Custom Data and the File Upload of your choice (in this case Signed Waivers).

To select all registrants that have not uploaded their signed waivers yet, select the “is blank” setting.


For assistance setting up custom File Upload attributes of your own, contact Demosphere Support at support @

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.