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4 Reasons You Need a Referee Management System

Scheduling referees doesn’t have to be difficult. Ditch the headaches of Google calendars, confusing group chats and complicated Excel spreadsheets and simplify your process using Demosphere’s streamlined and unified referee management system.

All you have to lose is missed schedule change notifications, disorganized task distribution, disconnected game and location data, and complaints from referees, coaches, players and parents.

What is there to gain? Read on to learn more about Demosphere’s robust and game changing Referee Management system!

How the Demosphere Referee Management System improves your workflow: 

Referee Registration

Online Referee Registration
Customized referee online registration experience

Depending on the size of the event, it’s possible to be responsible for hundreds of referees. With a referee management system, the registration process is simplified.

Referees can register online and with integrated background checks. Securely store legal documentation such as W9s and SSNs all in one place. The registration process becomes hassle-free and information can easily be accessed as needed.

referee mobile assignmentsScheduling Simplified

When it comes to mapping the schedule, integrated tools save hours of planning. A mobile-friendly calendar view of assignments and filters allow visibility of what you want to see – including the league name, date range, status, and location. Set eligibility criteria for referees to ensure their availability and qualifications match the needs of the game. 

A referee called in sick? Easily copy and move crew members to change game assignments using drag and drop technology. Best of all, the schedule is accessible from any mobile device to easily manage assignments on-the-go.

Seamless Communication

Keeping track of large groups of officials and referees can be extremely difficult without a system.

referee communication
Integrated referee communication tools

A referee management system can manage communication efficiently between groups by sending targeted messages across referees and officials. Last minute changes to games can be frustrating and confusing for referees, resulting in delayed start times. Clear up the confusion with instant notifications of status and assignment changes. Our mobile-friendly system allows for automated notifications while on the field. 

Time Management

referee mobile calendarEven after the initial referee assignment schedule is set, adjustments might be needed. Demosphere makes it convenient to manage assignments on-the-go, with mobile drag and drop functions to game assignments. The automation saves frustration, while the notifications save time and effort. The challenges that can arise without these time-saving tools can cause delays, but with this solution all the focus can be on the game. 

Integrating referee management tools can help you stay completely organized before the game starts. A seamless tool to access game schedules, assignments, and communications will set up referees and attendees for a well-operated game day. 

The Demosphere Officials Management solution is fully integrated with the rest of our Sports Management platform. To implement Demosphere’s integrated sports management system to streamline your referee management process and more, contact us today.

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.