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Fair pricing that offers a
best-in-class solution while protecting your bottom line

What Makes Our Pricing Better?

Demosphere is a software company that integrates merchant processing with our platform. Instead of charging annual fees for our platform, our revenue is included in the processing fees to make it easier for our customers.

No Set Up Fees

Get up and running quickly with no up-front fees

No Per Player Fees

Demosphere doesn’t charge an extra per-player fee for registration

No Invoices

We take a small fee out of each registration payment.

Additional Services

Pay a small annual fee for optional services like Referee Management or Website Maintenance.

Pricing That Fits

Volume discounts for larger organizations. We provide flexible pricing for organizations to manage their costs.

Pass Through Fees

At Demosphere, you can elect to pass through all, part or none of the fees through the registration process.

Request a Demo

With over 30 years of experience building a true all-in-one sports management software, our team is ready to meet your needs and goals.