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5 Steps to Follow When Preparing For Fall/Winter Events

ChecklistWith Fall approaching, it is important that your club or league start to focus on events coming up in the fall and winter. Even if you think you’re not ready, there are many things you can start doing to prepare for your tournament or league. Below are five items you can follow to ensure your event gets setup without a hitch.

1. Set the date – you can’t host a tournament or league if you don’t know when it’s going to take place. Get out your calendar and figure out when to host your event!

2. Reserve your complexes and fields – you may have the teams and the date, but without fields, no games can be played!

3. Post your team application – give teams time to apply for your event. Many don’t apply until the last minute; as an incentive, give discounts to those who apply early.

4. Setup your League Scheduling and/or Tournament Management System with fields and dates. Remember to start accepting your teams!

5. Generate schedules and post them early. The earlier you post the schedule the sooner you can hear back from teams and parents regarding unforseen issues.

We hope your events are extremely successful. If you’re a current Demosphere customer and need any assistance, feel free to contact our experienced Support Team at

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.