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Top 5 Password Security Tips

Online Password Security

People use passwords for just about everything online. Whether it’s logging in to check your email, managing your bank account, or administering your Demosphere WebWriter® Website, a password is needed.

The security of these password cannot be underestimated. Often times, users use extremely easy passwords (think ‘temp’) that can be compromised without much effort.

From research across over 12,000 administrative users, please keep the following in mind when setting your password:

1. Change your password from the default. If your account is created by someone else and set as “temp” (or something similar), change it! In many situations, people won’t change their password from the initial one.

2. Better yet, use an alphanumeric password – mostly to avoid words that can be found in a dictionary. If you must use a word like “soccer” as your password, modify it to something like S0ccer, Soccer0, or S$ccer9 – include numbers and symbols to make discovery more challenging.

3. Use different passwords. Don’t use the same password across all of your online accounts. If someone gets access to one location, they can compromise other locations before you have a chance to update your accounts.

4. Use different passwords within your organization. We found some organizations with many different userID’s (great) but the same password for each one (very bad). This effectively cancels out the benefit of creating the unique userID’s.

5. Change passwords occasionally. Get in the habit of changing passwords once or twice each year – it never hurts!

Need help updating your password? Feel free to contact the Demosphere Support Team!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.