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A new feature in Demosphere's Scheduling System allows tighter control on games.

Tighter League Scheduling Control With ‘One Pass’ Scheduling

Demosphere’s Travel League Scheduling System now has an option for “One Pass” scheduling for tighter control over predetermined patterns of games.

When scheduling games for a travel league, there may be many complexities regarding field permits, special requests for dates off, State Cup exceptions, varying start times for different age groups, length of game time slots, and league-wide date and time restrictions such as SAT test dates.

Demosphere’s best-in-class Travel League Scheduling System automatically includes a second pass for all unscheduled games to find another date that satisfies all the other restrictions of each team and available field space. This results in a maximum of games scheduled by the system, leaving only a minimal amount of manual effort by the scheduler to polish off any remaining games were unable to be scheduled automatically due to specific restrictions or lack of field space.

More leagues are now using a POD or club-team approach for younger age groups and/or adding extra second-round games for divisions with a smaller number of teams. This approach to scheduling often puts a premium on back-to-back games for the same opponent clubs in different age groups or otherwise requiring that the system place the game in an exact schedule.

Demosphere’s new “One Pass” feature allows the league scheduler to designate those divisions that should follow the most strict rules for determining the dates for each game. With “One Pass”, the system ensures that the necessary pattern of games is followed, without moving any games to an available field on a different date, so that back-to-back or later-round games are easily controlled.

A new feature in Demosphere's Scheduling System allows tighter control on games.
A new check box enables “One Pass” Scheduling.

If you have any questions about the new “One Pass” scheduling feature, please contact us at support @

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.