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Edit Season Structure

New Custom Eligibility Settings Available

The latest enhancement to the RosterPro® Registration System allows administrators to further customize seasonal/program eligibility.

The RosterPro® System has always allowed for eligibility to be set based upon age and gender for seasons and seasonal groupings. With the addition of the new feature, administrators are now able to take eligibility customization one step further by creating custom data fields.

For example, seasonal/grouping eligibility can now be determined by custom fields such as:

  • Grade
  • School
  • Zip Code
  • Region/State
  • Special Code
  • And More!

If an organization has certain programs that are only offered to registrants in a certain region, for example, they can create custom eligibility by creating a custom data field in the Data Reporting & Management tab.

Custom Data Management

When creating a custom data field, administrators can choose an input style of text, dropdown, checkbox, or memo. To use a custom field for eligibility restrictions, only the text and dropdown options can be used.

Custom Attribute

All custom data fields created in the Data Management section will appear in Step 2.1 during the public registration process.

Registration Step

Administrators can connect the new custom data field with the eligibility settings at the season level by selecting the Edit Eligibility/Limit button in Season Management. Within the pop-up window, check the Custom Data option and select the corresponding accepted value. Multiple values can be selected using the Ctrl/Command key.

Edit Season Settings

If the settings are set to Region: Northeast for example, only registrants that identify with the northeast will see this season listed as an option during the public registration process.

Custom eligibility can also be set through the Season Structure tab. After locating the group in need of custom eligibility, choose the edit button next to the Group Name.

Under the Grouping Eligibility Settings, check the box next to Custom Data and choose which items to include.

Edit Season Structure

Following either process listed above, administrators can also include codes as custom data fields. For exclusive or travel programs, create a custom code and distribute it to desired registrants. Only registrants who enter this code during the public registration process will see the season/program available for selection.

For more information on this updated eligibility feature, contact Demosphere’s Support Team at support @

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.