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Measuring Success With Good Reporting Tools

Measuring Success With Good Reporting Tools for Sports Organizations

Measuring Success With Good Reporting Tools for Sports Organizations

“How did we do this season?” This is an important question that administrators, directors, and board members ask at the end of a season or year. Immediately, you may think only of financials, which is important, but a sports organization should consider more metrics to measure success.

Here are a couple metrics to examine that give more insight into organizational success.

Registrations and financials

Having an overview of numbers is key to putting together postseason reports. Knowing your number of players, teams, staff, games, referee assignments, and the financials associated can be a lot of information to gather. Your sports management system should have a dashboard that allows you to see this information at a glance, like the Demosphere platform does. Our home page dashboard displays a bird’s eye view of the numbers you need to track your organization’s day-to-day operations at a glance. 

All the information can be filtered by dates as needed and compiled in reports using our flexible tools to share throughout your organization. You can even compare seasonal registrations with the click of a button to report out on retention and attrition.

For overseeing Associations and leagues, club and team reports are essential for assessing a season’s success. Club reports will show information such as number of players and teams, age groups, revenue, and more filters to create reports that only show the information you need.


A great way to measure team and staff participation in games, as well as keep track of scores, is to compile post-match reports. Demosphere’s built-in reporting tools give a detailed breakdown of players, teams, and staff, as well as scoring. Then admins can take that one step further with our fully-customizable form builder to collect and report on important information such as player infractions, injuries, or other relevant custom data points, which can be completed by both team staff and officials.

demosphere infraction reporting

With so many reporting options in the Demosphere system, how do you organize past reporting in order to use them for end of season discussions? Our system allows for assigning specific codes to programs and fees for a quick and easy way to find the information you need.


We’re ready to help you measure the success of your season, so you can focus on growing.


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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.