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Who’s Responsible For Reporting Scores?

Referee A enters the League Scheduling System to report game scores. All seems to be going according to plan until they realize Referee A was the incorrect referee to report the scores for this game. Referee B, the correct reporting ref, then enters the system and is unable to edit the sporting and game scores.

How can Referee B correct already reported game scores from a different referee?

  • Begin in Elements Admin
  • Under the Schedules & Results heading, click on Match Report/Stats Admin
  • At the top, in yellow, choose to edit match reports by Team
  • Click into one of the divisions
  • Under the Schedule heading, find the game that you would like to update and click the “vs” link under the “MR” column header


  • Select the green Edit Referees button in the top-left
  • Change the Center Referee drop-down to either blank or a specific referee


As an Administrator, if you edit a Match Report and change the Center Referee to a blank field, then another referee (including Referee B) can submit that report.

If you edit a Match Report and change the Center Referee to a particular ref, then only that referee (with the same email and pin) can submit the report. The system will display the email address of the selected referee to help discriminate among User IDs.

When using the specific referee method, be sure when you choose the referee from the drop-down that you check for possible duplicates in the list. If a User has two different accounts, the account you’ve selected and the account they use might not match up – not giving them access to the report.

Any questions related to score reporting in the League Scheduling System? Reach out to Demosphere Support at

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.