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Adjust And Schedule Payments In Minutes

Manage Installment Dates in RosterProMaking individual adjustments and dividing payments across multiple dates is now easier than ever!

For a number of reasons, many organizations need to be able to adjust prices for certain customers throughout the season.

In the ‘Manage Unpaid Payments’ tab in the RosterPro® Registration System, administrators can now adjust the order down by typing in a new balance. Once the price has been discounted, there is a field available to document an explanation.

For example, if the current balance due for a player is $125 but the player is unable to complete the rest of the season, the administrator may want to change the price due to $115. There will now be $10 listed in the adjustment column.

If that player is able to come back later on and participate in the rest of the season, the administrator now has the option to make the entire payment due at one future installment date, or can choose to spread the payment out into multiple payments.

The adjusted $10 can either be charged to the account again on a future installment date, or left off as a discount. The system will not allow the administrator to charge a cardholder more than the price they originally agreed to pay and will prevent too many installments from being scheduled.

Managing adjustments and installments in one tab allows administrators to effectively control the balances due and the timelines for each payment.

Please contact Demosphere’s Support Team with any further questions about payment plans.


Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.