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Liverpool FC Foundation Visits NJ Soccer Club

The Camden Youth Soccer Club has been meeting on Saturday mornings for two-hour practices conducted by volunteer coaches since 2003, but recently some new mentors took to the field.

According to the Courier Post, Liverpool FC, “one of the most respected and successful professional soccer clubs in England,” sent coaches who work with the club’s foundation to Camden’s turf field at Farnham Park. The Liverpool coaches led drills and interacted with the kids in a fun, relaxed environment.

“We obviously can’t change the world, but we want to try and engage as many people as we can while we’re here,” said Forbes Duff, one of Liverpool Foundation’s coaches. He stated that the main goal of the coaching session was just to encourage the kids to stay involved in sports, whether it be with soccer or even something else.Camden Youth Soccer

Coaches from the foundation were scheduled to be in New Jersey for one day as part of their summer tour. The foundation chose to visit Camden “because of its hopes and the previous experience of coaches,” Duff said.

The Liverpool FC Foundation’s global appeal allows the club to reach out to young people in disadvantaged communities. The foundation strives to inspire kids to “improve their lives and contribute to society.”

“As a leader of this city, I can’t do it alone. I need strong partners and foundation support,” said mayor Dana Redd, who presented the foundation with a key to the city of Camden. “Individuals that want to come in and help drive a wedge in intergenerational poverty and help lift and empower our community, I welcome their partnership.”

Gerald Van Wilgen, President of the Camden Youth Soccer Club, also expressed his gratitude to the foundation. “Now we’re on the radar and people will know that soccer is an activity,” he said. “Hopefully with this field and the support of the school district we can give it a little bit more of a push.”

The Liverpool FC Foundation may have only visited Camden for one day, but the impact they made on the city’s youth soccer team is everlasting.

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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.