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Seasonal Invitees & More New RosterPro™ Features

A new feature has been added to Demosphere’s RosterPro™ Registration System allowing Site Administrators to invite selected Participants from any existing Season to any new Season. Only those invited Participants will be offered such Seasons during the registration process, which provides a simple solution for “tryout to travel” scenarios. Additionally, this feature can also be configured for any Seasonal Grouping in order to place Participants in their corresponding Groupings (such as specifying Age Groups or Divisions).

Invite-only programs in Demosphere's RosterPro Registration System.

Check out other recent new features in RosterPro™:

Delete Registrations

Site Administrators can now delete any Registrations via the related Household Management Order History tab. Registrations may only be deleted once any collected fees have been fully refunded. Once a registration has been set to Deleted, it is no longer available in Seasonal Registration Management or any system reporting, and the status cannot be changed back. However, the Order History and Transactions data relating to that registration will remain intact.

Merge Duplicate Households or Household Members

From the Admin Dashboard, Site Administrators now have the ability to identify and merge duplicate Households or Household Members. Any data from either side may be selected as the surviving values when compressing the records into one.

Product Update Notifications

Site Administrators are now notified upon login about any newly released features or changes matching their unique permissions via a subtle pulsating button titled “Updates Log”, inviting them to read about the release. Once the notifications page has been viewed by the Admin, the notification alert is reset, and the button then remains static until another new posting has been made. All update notification postings are archived and accessible using various filters for referencing later.

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