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how to increase registrations with your website

How to Increase Registrations With Your Website

The new year is just beginning, so naturally you’re assessing your organization and making plans on how to improve. Don’t forget to consider your website. An attractive, easy-to-navigate, and informative website is key in promoting your sports leagues and programs. Here are seven important tips on how to increase registrations with your website.

1. Put the most important information above the fold

When your audience comes to your website, consider the hierarchy of your content. At the top is the information you want them to know immediately, such as how to register, important news and announcements, etc. Make sure to put this content “above the fold”, meaning the portion of the website they can see before scrolling.

This custom site we built for LAFC So Cal Youth is a great example.

2. Make navigation easy

If the goal of your website is to drive registrations for your upcoming league, tournament, program, etc. make it easy to do so! Place links at the top that are easy to find, and will point your audience directly to pages that give important information, such as registration for your programs and teams.

3. Keep on top of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization decides where your website will show up on Google searches. The aim is to be the first to come up with searches that are relevant to you, such as your organization name and keywords like: sports programs in state name, soccer leagues in county name, or youth leagues near me.

To ensure you are coming up in these searches, make sure those keywords are included in your website copy. For example, mention your sport, state, and use the term youth league in your copy to flag Google that your organization offers the services your community is searching for.

Google Keyword Planner (if you have Google Ads), and Google Trends are good places to start for keyword research.

4. Make your website attractive

Eye-catching websites help decrease your bounce rate, the rate in which people come to your page and then leave without viewing a second page. To keep eyes on your pages, start by choosing colors that match your logo, which are your branded colors. Next, make sure to include high-resolution images and video above the fold.

Our website builder makes adding attractive content easy with drag-and-drop content blocks, such as social media feeds, articles, calendars, and more. Check out our partners De Anza Force SC, who built their beautiful website using our Webwriter.

5. Watch your analytics to understand your audience

A must-have integration for our website content management software is Google Analytics. Understanding key performance metrics such as audience demographics, returning versus new visitors, page views, and what search words bring visitors to your website is vital.

Monitoring these metrics will help you keep track of how your content is performing, and what new content to include.

6. Make it mobile-responsive

Over half of world wide web traffic is on mobile devices. That is why our website builder and custom websites are responsive for multiple device types.

de anza force soccer club website made by demosphere

7. Keep your content fresh

Another way to keep your SEO healthy and attracting new and returning web users is to offer new content. Consider refreshing images and above-the-fold content monthly, as well as keeping an active blog or news page. Blog content can range from organization updates, announcements, or sharing stories from your community.

We’re ready to help you take your website to then next level and increase registrations!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.