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How Did They Do That: Volunteers

Youth sports volunteers are a key factor in making your organization a success. They make up your coaches, assistants, concession staff, and chaperones who take on the responsibility of overseeing critical aspects of your programs.

Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System includes volunteers directly in the registration process, making it simpler than ever to create an organized support system for all of your programs.

Want to make sure your next season collects all of the volunteers it deserves? Here’s how!

1. Creating Volunteer Roles

Within the Registration Settings, Administrators can manage the organization’s accepted volunteer roles. There are three system roles that are automatically set up within the RosterPro® System: Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager.

Volunteer Roles

Site Administrators have the ability to create and manage as many custom roles (e.g. Snack Coordinator, Parent Volunteer, etc.) as necessary to have a successful season. Once a new role is created Site Administrators are able to assign these volunteer roles to the desired season(s).

Add Role


2. Set Volunteer Fees

If your organization decides to include a volunteer “opt out” fee for those choosing not to donate time throughout the season, Administrators can set the appropriate fee amount and charge frequency.



3. Customize Your Message

Create custom messages to be displayed during the registration process for any season enlisting volunteers. Similar to the registration Welcome messages, there are two possible message levels for you to customize: the default message and the seasonal message.

The Default Volunteer Message will be displayed for every season by default. However, once a Seasonal Message is created in the Seasons Settings window for a specific season, that message will override the Default message.



4. Set Up Your Season

Each season includes the option to turn volunteer registration On or Off. Once turned On, Admins simply select which roles and “opt out” fee, if any, are to be included in the season.

If a Seasonal Volunteer Message is created during this step the Default Volunteer Message will no longer apply.



5. Customize Your Form

Create registration forms for volunteers with the same easy-to-use functionality as your main registration forms. Customize the information you would like to collect and drag-and-drop the items around the form seamlessly.

Form BarForm Creation

6. Public View

Preview your volunteer registration process in Public View to ensure all of the settings appear as anticipated.



And there you have it – the simplest way to start bringing in volunteers to your organization!

Interested in more information about the RosterPro® Registration System or how to customize your volunteer registration? Reach out to Demosphere today at for a free demo!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.