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national youth sports day

Happy National Youth Sports Day!

One of our favorite holidays here at Demosphere is National Youth Sports Day! The day is described by the National Council of Youth Sports as a way to, “…unite communities across the country around our core belief that every young person has the right to participate in sports in a diverse, equitable, inclusive, supportive and safe environment.”

To honor youth sports, and the immeasurable impact they have on kids, we are sharing four stories from our staff that answer the question: how did youth sports shape you as a person?

Kris Baker, President

2021 national youth sports day

There are so many valuable lessons that are learned from participating in youth sports, but the most impactful experiences for me personally revolve around teamwork. I grew up in a soccer family; watching my dad play pickup games on the weekends, hanging out at Washington Diplomats games, and playing both recreational and later competitive soccer myself. The importance of teamwork; contributing toward a common goal, sharing my own strengths and relying on the strengths of others has had a long-lasting impact on me throughout every stage of my life.

Participating in sports allowed me to recognize my own strengths as a leader, which has been a guiding principle of my professional career as well. A strong leader knows the importance of building a good team, honing the skills and strengths of each member, and inspiring the team to work together to realize a collective vision. I believe we have cultivated this type of environment at Demosphere and it continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Jesus De Santiago, Software Support Specialist 

2021 national youth sports day jesus de santiago

Youth sports shaped me by helping me develop leadership qualities and a good work ethic. My coach taught me that nothing in life is ever given, we have to work hard for what we want. Sports taught me the meaning of teamwork and how important it is to appreciate the help given to one another.

Youth sports inspired my career in all aspects. It helped me realize that there is so much that goes into making a program work. I knew I wanted to do something with the development of the player or program, in any capacity, even if I only contribute a grain of sand. #futbolesvida

Luiza Meza, Sales Executive

2021 national youth sports day luiza mesa

Soccer taught me to be patient and persistent to accomplish my goals. It brought me out of my shell, as I was an extremely shy child who did not speak English very well growing up. Today, I’m a professional national team player. It’s any athlete’s dream come true to be selected to represent your country, and I am very grateful.

The game has gifted me in so many ways, including a career that gives back. I work for a company which is truly dedicated to providing solutions to simplify how youth sports clubs function.

Brittany Gropp, Strategic Account Manager

Sports were always a huge part of my life. It was clear early in my childhood that I needed an outlet for my energy, curiosity, and competitive nature. While soccer was always my “main” sport, I also played basketball and field hockey. Sports helped me learn about myself, make friends, grow confidence, and set/reach goals (both on and off the field)!

Anyone who played sports growing up knows how many invaluable life skills are learned. In 2019, after relocating to Southern Spain and discovering there was a stigma around girls playing soccer, I started the first girls recreational soccer program in Seville, FutboLISTAS. My hope was to provide girls access to those same invaluable life skills. A year later, I joined Demosphere as a Strategic Account Manager where I am able to combine my sales and client management skills with my passion for leveraging the power of sport to teach valuable life skills to our next generation of leaders.


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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.