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‘Free’ Isn’t Always Fair

free tagIf you’re anything like me, hearing the promise of “free” instantly captures your attention.

Excitement quickly creeps in as you’re imaging what you’ll be getting without having to give anything in return. Whether it be products, services, or just about anything – hearing the promise of “free” makes the exchange even more valuable.

So what’s the catch?

Sometimes the excitement over the word “free” can cause us to rush into decisions without carefully reviewing the stipulations of an agreement. Once locked into a contract, the freedom might not be as liberating as we imagined.

Demosphere previously reviewed the perils of “free” online registration solutions and addressed various factors that should be carefully considered throughout the evaluation process. From privacy policies to content usage, the post is designed to help administrators weigh the quality against the cost.

Years later, confusion continues to linger about what the promise of “free” really means when it comes to online registration solutions.

It’s easy to make products and services sound free, but in reality, many fees come from third party merchants, like processing and administrative fees, that can add up quickly. Vendor fees, credit card fees, monthly fees, chargeback fees…they all add up to form unanticipated costs.

With all of these additional fees associated with online registration, is any system ever really “free”?

Credit Card Processing Fees

Online credit card processing rates can have a huge impact on an organization’s bottom line and should be carefully considered when choosing a service provider.

Credit card fees can vary based on card type and are often negotiated. A 1.5% difference in rate is an extra $1.50 for every $100 collected. For 500 participants, that adds up to $750 a season.

Volume Charges

Online registration solutions can also increase your costs by attaching additional fees to inconsistent variables, such as the number of registrations or participants per season.

A $3/registration fee for an organization with 1,500 registrants quickly becomes $4,500 in registration costs for a single season.

Hidden FeesHidden Fees

Some vendors add hidden fees within the system.  The ‘system’ may be free, but the vendor earns revenue by charging administrators for common activities like creating new participant forms or making small changes within the system once the program has started registering participants.

Charges may also be added on for sending emails or text messages to registrants throughout the season.

Demosphere’s Solution

Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System is priced competitively and fairly to ensure the long-term viability of both your organization and ours.

The system has recently undergone a change in merchant rates to continue providing the lowest rates in the industry. The updated pricing includes registration fees of $0 per registration and no cost for free registrations such as tryouts.

Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System has no extra hidden fees or monthly fees. The System is offered as a bundled fee for services and credit card processing. Demosphere’s rate does not change based on volume, but rather charges a flat percentage.

Net profits are directly transferred into your bank account once a week, accompanied by an easy bank reconciliation process, and no invoice transactions.

Let us show you why paying a fair price for top-notch products and services is money well spent. Contact us today!

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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.