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Thoughtful Headlines: Focus on Benefits

Sample Newspaper Headline

Each morning, I review a list of recently-published news articles from Demosphere-powered sites. The articles are quite diverse in nature from organizations both large and small, professional and grassroots, domestic and international. The list shows titles only – I don’t see any text from the article unless the title intrigues me enough to read more.

In some instances, I’ll write about a newsworthy item that is worth sharing with a larger audience. Today, my post centers around the article titles themselves.

The title is more important than many think – it’s really the key to producing productive content for your audience. If a reader doesn’t find the title interesting, they are not likely to read the content.

When writing titles, especially those geared towards youth sports organizations, focus on the benefit to the reader. In other words, what can they learn from reading the article and why should they take the time to read it?

Here are a few examples of some article titles and some potential ways to make them more intriguing to the reader:


Idea: Take Your Player’s Skills to the Next Level – Sign Up for Goal Scoring Camp!

Nutrition For Soccer

Idea: Focus on Nutrition So Your Son/Daughter Performs Their Best!

Chili’s Eat and Help Fundraiser

Idea: Eat at Chili’s and Help Our U10 Team Go To XYZ Tournament!

With benefits to readers in mind, we encourage you to spend a few minutes formulating the titles of your articles moving forward!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.