Flexible and accurate reporting

Demosphere's report-building tools let you access your data whenever you need it. It's robust, fast, reliable reporting built with the data integrity you'd expect from an expert database management company.

Easy customization.

Why settle for canned reports when you can build your own? Within a few clicks, select from any of your data fields to build report column headers. Save reports to your dashboard and run-real time data with the click of a button. Our flexible tools quickly deliver the information you need.

The right data set, right where you want it.

No more exporting large data sets to excel or other platforms to create the type of reports you need. Instead, target the specific information you want using unlimited filters that let you hone in on the data set you want. Then easily manipulate the data to create reports from within your registration system.

Built upon a foundation of data integrity.

Accurate reporting is a crucial component of any successful operation. With Demosphere's database origins and 28+ years of experience, you can be confident in the accuracy of your reporting.


Data Security

Big data has become a revenue driver for many companies, with very little oversight of how this data is ultimately used. Demosphere, knowing that data privacy and security is a basic human right, practices a more ethical approach to how data security and privacy impact the greater community.

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