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Protect your members with a best-in-class
risk management solution

Simplify trust and safety for your organization with an integrated background check process for staff, coaches, officials, volunteers, and more.

The best in security

Demosphere partners with the premium human security software provider, Yardstik, to ensure secure background checks.

The entire background check process and results are integrated within the Demosphere platform.

The partnership automates the screening process and eliminates the risk of collecting and manually transmitting personally identifiable information (PII).

Using Yardstik for your background checks is an opportunity to audit and refresh your internal processes to verify the information you’re collecting and the checks you’re running meet the needs of your organization.

Put your parents at ease by exposing the risk management status on the digital coach pass, viewable in the Demosphere mobile app.

Customized for you

Gain peace-of-mind with the ability to securely track results and access essential reports.

Automate the process by setting email reminders for important messaging like completing applications, managing automatic expiration dates, and controlling who can view and manage screening applications and results through your dashboard.

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With over 30 years of experience building a true all-in-one sports management software, our team is ready to meet your needs and goals.