Safeguarding privacy

Big data has become a revenue driver for many companies, with very little oversight of how this data is ultimately used. Demosphere, knowing that data privacy and security is a basic human right, practices a more ethical approach to how data security and privacy impact the greater community.

Best in class infrastructure to protect your data

Whether it's encrypting personally identifiable information like birth certificates and dates of birth, housing data in world class data centers, or managing a robust disaster recovery plan, Demosphere has you covered. Our roots go back almost three decades as a database management company and we pledge to be good stewards of your data.

Own your own data

With Demosphere, you own your own data. Whether you're a parent managing a household, a coach leading a team, a Club Admin, League or Association; you're in charge. Manage your own data, and you decide what to share across the web of youth sports organizations. Additionally, you set the granular, permission-based access to your system to share only the information needed, and protect the rest.

No sharing, selling or marketing your data

You're in charge of protecting the privacy of your members, many of whom are children. Demosphere pledges not to share, sell or market your data, or that of your members, and we back it up with our Privacy Policy (link).


Customizable registration

Our deep experience with administrators' needs—and their limited resources—has resulted in a simpler process: onboarding by the Demosphere team is guided first by an understanding of your specific goals. From standard data fields to custom questions and robust financial options, you can tailor the online registration experience and make it your own.

Request a demo

With 30 years of experience, our team is ready to listen to and assist with your needs. See how easy it is to customize Demosphere for your organization. Our experts are here to help - contact us to learn more.

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