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Demosphere Tip Of The Week: Custom Registration Eligibility

A good online registration system will provide you tools for setting up the eligibility criteria for each of your programs to ensure your members are able to participate in the programs that are appropriate for them based on things like their age and gender. The Demosphere Registration system provides robust tools for setting up custom registration eligibility criteria, which can be easily utilized in conjunction with standard eligibility options for gender and age.  Administrators can use this feature for custom data fields such as:

  • Region
  • Grade
  • School
  • Program Codes
  • And more!
Create a Custom Data Field

To add a new custom data field to track for custom registration eligibility purposes, click on the Custom Data Management tab under the Data Reporting & Management dashboard to setup any number of unlimited fields:

Custom Data Management 2

The following input types can be used for custom registration eligibility:

  • Text: Enables users to input text information based on the Accepted Value defined within Grouping Eligibility Settings. Administrators can define a special code that would be exclusive to a specific program and group then share the code to the desired registrants. Only registrants who input this code during public registration will be able to select the season/program from the drop down menu. This can be used as an alternative to the invitation-only feature.
  • Drop Down: Allows users to choose a value from a list designated in Selections Options. 
  • Checkbox: Values will either be “true” (checked) or “false” (not checked). This is a good option for tracking things like Member Status.


  • Custom data fields can be set to be a required response by checking the box next to Required in the Edit Custom Data Attribute window.
  • Permissions must be set to Public Users in order for field to display during public registration.
  • To remove the fields from the public registration process, administrators can update the Permissions drop down to Full Admin Users and/or delete the attribute. *NOTE: Deleting an attribute will result in the loss of any data collected for that attribute. 

Input 2

Assign Custom Registration Eligibility criteria:

Furthermore, Administrators can assign the newly created custom data field through the season/grouping eligibility settings. From the Season Structure tab simply navigate to the appropriate group that will require custom eligibility then click the edit button next to the Group Name. While in the edit window, check the Custom Data box, select the appropriate data field from the drop down menu and choose the Accepted Value(s).

In the example below, we are using the drop down menu input type, with Grade as our custom data and Accepted Value of “1st”. Only registrants that choose this value will be able to select the “U5 – U6” group during public registration.

Custom Grouping Eligibility_1

Subsequently, custom data fields will appear under the Additional Information section in Step 2.1 of the public registration process.

Custom Registration Eligibility

This is just one of many examples of how Demosphere users can customize their registration experience to meet the needs of their members and their organization. To learn more about this feature, and others, contact us at

Mike Caboteja

Mike is a member of Demosphere’s Technical Support team, providing advice and best practices to Youth Sports Administrators across the country.