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Demosphere Tip of the Week: Collecting Donations

Collect donations for your organization using Demosphere’s Donations feature. By placing the donation link on your public website, existing members and new sponsors will be taken to your secure donations page, where they can log into an existing account or create a new one. The user will immediately be directed to the donation step of the public registration process so they can quickly and easily make their contribution. The organization will then have access to various reports to track donation amounts by members and sponsors.

Below are the steps to utilize these tools:

1. Donations Setup
  1. From the Registration dashboard, go to the Registration Settings tab
  2. Click Donations Settings
  3. Click Edit Donations                    Donation Settings
  4. Set “Donation Collection is currently” to ON, insert customized donation message, select appropriate Accounting Code from drop down menu (codes are defined via the Accounting Code settings under Registration Settings) then click Save.         

Note: A clear message reminds the donors of the importance of their contribution and why they should be compelled to donate. It also presents them with a clear value proposition. Non-profit organizations should remind donors that their contributions are tax deductible, including the legal name and tax ID for tax purposes.

Edit Donations Collection Option

2. Post Donations Link

From the Registration Settings tab, go to View Public Registration Link and copy the URL under Donation Only and place link in desired location on your website.

Donation Only Link

3. Collect Donations Online

Members and sponsors will enter their information and donation amount via a secure login process:donation

4. Donation Reports

To access donation reports, go to the Financial & Banking tab and click Run Financial Reports

Financial Reports






Select from various reports including the Discount Codes Report, Accounting Reporting by Code and the Payment Transactions Historical Data.

The Donations Data report provides admins with donations that have been paid and deposited. In this report you can view donation details such as Deposit Date, Order Date, Order #, Amount, Remark etc.

The Accounting Report by Code will provide details such as Sales Amount and Totals for the corresponding accounting code that was selected in step 4 of the donations setup.

The Payment Transactions Historical Data report can be filtered by the “DONATION” Item Type to view all donations within a defined Order Date range. This report will allow admins to see Order Date, Household Name, Item Type, Item Amount, Item Amount Paid, Item Amount Due, as well as Remarks.

To start taking advantage of this feature on your website, contact us at

Mike Caboteja

Mike is a member of Demosphere’s Technical Support team, providing advice and best practices to Youth Sports Administrators across the country.