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demosphere picks best athletic socks

Demosphere Picks: Best Athletic Socks

Demosphere picks is our series where we ask our staff of parents, athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts their favorite choices for things like best snacks or equipment. Our team has chosen the best athletic socks for athletes in all sports considering comfort, movement, grip, and, most importantly, style. 

Yufree Men’s Soccer Socks

These are great for wearing under your uniform socks to prevent slipping inside your shoe. – Kris Baker, President

Nike Socks

I loved Nike when I played due to the thinner material and and minimal design. They held shin guards really well, especially considering I only wore slip ons. – Jesus De Santiago, Customer Success Manager

demosphere picks best athletic socks 

Adidas Socks

Adidas socks when I played soccer. They weren’t as tight/constricting on my legs as much as the Nike socks did. Very comfortable, lightweight, and durable. – Caitlin Jones, Sales Associate

Hoop Socks

Growing up, all of the teams wanted to wear these. They’ve seemingly gone out of style and it’s time we bring them back! – Tim Larocca, Customer Success Manager


As Demosphere’s team is made of coaches, parents of players, volunteers, and sports enthusiasts, we know what sports clubs need.  Let’s talk!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.