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demosphere celebrates 33 years

Demosphere Celebrates 33 Years In Sports Technology

Today, Demosphere celebrates 33 years as the Team Behind Team Sports! We have grown immensely in the last three decades, starting with our founder’s roots as chairman of the World Cup Technology Task Force, consulting with FIFA, and contributing to the founding of MLS in 1996. Since then, Demosphere has continued to be a company led by sports enthusiasts, coaches, volunteers, and parents. Our technology is designed for the youth and adult sports community, by active members of that same community. In recent years, we have set our focus on continuing to develop the latest in sports technology tools, and this last year was no different.

Here’s how we’ve grown:

Launched a new mobile app

In July, we launched a completely redesigned version of the Demosphere Mobile App. Not only does the new app have a clean look that can be customized to your team’s branded colors, but it also includes new features that make it the perfect tool for your entire community. Parents can use the app to track events for all of their kids, even if they play for different clubs; coaches are able to see full rosters, events, and communicate through team chat walls; officials can accept/decline assignments and get game information with maps; and admins have full control over permissions, updates, messaging, and more. If you haven’t seen the top features of the new app, check them out here.

demosphere celebrates 33 years - mobile app

Developed the latest in scheduling tools

This year we rolled out a suite of new scheduling tools designed to meet the needs of clubs and leagues. Some of these tools include: a master calendar managed by admins, with a bird’s eye view of every type of event coming up in your season; a game generator able to create balanced scheduled based on team seeding, games dates, and locations; and an option to create training/practice schedules for teams.

demosphere celebrates 33 years - master calendar

Refined our public registration

We recently launched a new mobile-first public registration experience designed for seamless, on-the-go registrations from any device. Coupled with a fresh user-interface, all the features our partners rely on for efficient registration is now even smoother.


Expanded our team of sports enthusiasts with a passion for technology

Demosphere began as a customer-focused partner and we have never strayed from that mission. Our team consists of hard-working individuals who have as much excitement for staying on top of technology as they do for celebrating sports. In the last year we have welcomed more team members that have grown our tools and internal systems, while being coaches, parents of players, volunteers, and sports fans outside of the office.

demosphere celebrates 33 years - team members
Customer Success Manager, Jesus De Santiago, coaching for Crusaders Soccer Club

Welcomed innovative new partners

We experienced a 25% growth in new partners across multiple sports including soccer, lacrosse, baseball, volleyball, basketball, field hockey, athletic clubs, and more, as well as handled registrations for U.S. Soccer’s Open Cup (on top of officially managing their referee assigning!)

We are proud of the work we have accomplished in the past year, and look forward to sharing the exciting and innovative changes we have in store for the next year ahead! If you’re ready to grow with us:


Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.