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Data Security Q&A With Demosphere

Demosphere has managed membership lists since the Company was founded over 25 years ago – and security has always been a top priority.

To keep our clients informed about their data security, we answered some of the most asked questions in regards to our security practices!


1. When registrants put in their personal information, is it safe?

SSLDemosphere’s security policy is based on a fundamental obligation to protect client data. We use SSL/TLS security to encrypt all data sent between registrants and our servers.

Data on our servers is protected by multiple firewalls, access control list, and encrypted keys to control access. Additionally, our servers are scanned at regular intervals for new potential security threats.

2. Who is responsible for protecting my information?

Our systems are managed by in-house experts in data security and maintenance of personally identifiable information. The system is structured to minimize the chance of non­-professional users compromising an individual’s privacy or identity.

Our experts analyze how data is collected, stored, backed­ up, copied, summarized, reported, edited, and sent to other parties with respect to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of the data files.

3. Is my information being stored in a secure location?

Demosphere’s entire network is housed in one of the largest secure facilities dedicated to server hosting, a principal hub of technological expertise on the Internet. Physical security is maintained by 24­-hour guards and alarm systems. Electricity, air conditioning, and connectivity to the Internet are maintained by redundant, highly available systems.

4. How often are you checking for security breaches?

Monitoring is performed continually on every server, from both inside and outside the Demosphere network, on multiple protocols. These checks confirm that each server is running & functioning properly. Every three minutes, monitors check the servers and if any exceptional situation is detected, a message with the exact problem is sent to our technical staff, 24x7x365.

PCI-compliant5. Are my payments secure?

Demosphere is PCI-Compliant. What does this mean for you? It means that Demosphere holds compliance with credit card security standards and can process payments securely online. Monthly audits are performed to confirm ongoing compliance.

6. Is my data being shared with any outside parties?

At Demosphere, we do not use, share or sell any registrant data from our systems for any purpose. All data collected by your organization is yours – you retain ownership – we just store it securely on your behalf.

Our reputation is of paramount importance to our success – Demosphere designs and deploys the most reliable and secure network infrastructure to keep every client as a positive reference. 

If you have a question about our security policy that you’d like to ask a Demosphere Representative, reach out to our Support Team at support @!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.