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Claim Your Free Custom RosterPro® Reports All November Long!

Kick off the holiday season with an early present from Demosphere – the Top 10 Most Requested Custom Reports for your RosterPro® Registration System!

The Demosphere Team has put together the ten most requested custom-built registration reports from 2015, ranging from Deposit By Competition to Volunteer Buy Out to help organizations track registration data like never before during the upcoming season.

Take full advantage of your registrant data with these reports:

1. Deposit By Competition

Sort your organization’s registration deposits by competition (sport) using the Deposit By Competition report! This report includes Competition Name, Item Type, Item Payment Total, and Deposit Date.

2. Registration By Gender

The Registration By Gender report breaks down how many male and female registrants signed up for each program using the Program Name and Participant Gender categories.


3. Program Email Addresses

Interested in exporting email addresses from certain programs with the same keyword in the Program Name? Take advantage of the Program Email Addresses report and export the registrant email addresses from Programs containing a specific word. To use this report, filter the Program Name upon your keyword and set the report to show any Registration Date after your timeframe.

4. Custom Form Responses

Using the Custom Form Responses report, administrators are able to browse the answers to all custom data fields from each registrant. Filter on a specific Season’s form responses and the comprehensive report includes Participant Name, Registration Date, Status, Custom Data, and the full list of Form Responses.


5. Payments By Team

The Payments By Team report categorizes payments made by individual registrants according to Season and Group Name. The report also includes Household Name, Order Item, and Amount.

6. Fee By Participant

Fees are broken down by Registrant Name and Amount Paid in the Fee By Participant report. Group fees based on Registrant Name, Season Name, Competition, or Group.

7. Form Responses By Household

The Form Responses By Household report allows administrators to browse through Households, filtered by their Seasonal Form Responses. The report includes Household Name, Participant Name, Form Responses, Order Amount Due and Paid.

8. Form Responses By Team

The Form Responses By Team report, filtered upon a particular season, showcases the Registrants Name, Email, Team Name and Form Responses. 

9. Export To Governing Body

Does a Governing Body require specific information from your database each year? Utilize this report to organize the necessary categories.


10. Volunteer Buy Out

The Volunteer Buy Out report shows a concise list of Opt-Out Volunteer Fees. The quick report displays Household Name, Item Type, and Team Name.

Interested in using these reports for your organization?

Current RosterPro® System users can claim all ten reports at no additional cost throughout the entire month of November! Contact your Account Representative or to claim your custom reports!

New to Demosphere’s registration system? All new members joining the RosterPro® family during the month of November will receive the bonus package of all ten of the most requested custom reports to start off the registration process on the best foot possible!

Schedule a free demo with the Demosphere Team to get more information on the RosterPro® Registration System and download the bonus package of custom-built reports at

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.