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Custom Person Data – New Features Spotlight

Need custom data? With a new feature in Demosphere’s RosterPro™ Registration System, Administrators can collect specific custom data for Household Members and Registrants.

Check out the most recent new features in RosterPro™:

Custom Person Data

Custom Data Attributes in RosterPro RegistrationSite Administrators now have the ability to maintain unlimited custom data inputs for their Household Members and Registrants. You need it? You add it!

Available input options include:

  • General text fields (usually short answer)
  • Drop down menus
  • Checkboxes
  • Memo text fields (usually long answers)

Additional configurations may be set such as validations (including custom validations for ID#s), required fields, and default menu selections.

Specific personal data collection in RosterProThese custom data fields are then included when identifying Registrants during Public Registration and when editing Household Members/Registrants from the Household Management page.

Proof of Birth Management

  • Update Proof of Birth individually across all Household Members yet to be approved.
  • Proof of Birth now exposed within Registration Management to assist in Team Building
  • Report on Proof of Birth status within Report Builder across all Registrants.

Other new features:

  • Update Registration Status for any registrant from the Household Management Order History tab.
  • Indicate any email addresses to BCC on every registration confirmation.
  • All Household and Registration data remains consistent regardless of where the data was updated.

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