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Registration Tips: Current Programs in Multiple Seasons

Light Bulb“We need to open our next registration session for Spring, but we are still accepting Fall registrations… HELP!!”

Occasionally, clubs open season #2 for Program A, but Program B is still accepting registrations concurrently in season #1. For example, Program A registers seasonally, but Program B registers annually with installments, or is accepting registrations for add-on players. Those add-on players must be registered in the same season to allow them to be placed on the same team they are joining. Because Program B (Season 1 or Fall) overlaps both of the seasons for Program A, closing one season and opening another would cause program B to be split between seasons 1 and 2. This would prohibit the add-on players to be assigned to the same team and financial records for Program B would fall into 2 seasons.

To avoid this, the Demosphere Support Team recommends you manage your current season for each program separately by using the season over-ride option. This feature allows you to only over-ride the current season for Program B allowing you to keep all of the registrations for Program B in season 1, while concurrently also opening season 2 for Program A’s subsequent registration session.

More details available in the Knowledge Base by searching for ‘Manage your current season for each program separately’.

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.